Independent Accurate
Unbiased Disciplined


“A few years ago David Galland coaxed me out of retirement to write for one of his publications. I was the rookie; he was the mentor. There were two fundamental issues that were non-negotiable for anyone joining his team.

  1. A sincere and genuine concern for our subscribers. They are not only investing in our research, but also investing their life savings. That responsibility was the overriding consideration for everything we published.
  2. Never take a short-cut when it came to the research we did. True research educates the reader about things they did not know about a prospective investment, warts and all. Subscribers are paying for education and sound advice. Give them what they paid for and more.

I’m excited David has returned to researching and writing. It is his calling and we are all better off for it.”

—Dennis Miller
Miller On the Money

“After working with Olivier Garret for almost ten years, in building a financial research operation and in managing proprietary funds, I can say without hesitation that he is one of the sharpest, most organized and all around pleasant people I know.”

—Marin Katusa
Katusa Research

“There are very few people I have consistently listened to over long periods of time. For most their relevance lasts within an era - often for a short time. I've been attentive to David Galland since the 1980's and plan to keep on listening. He provides me with a context for analysis in a wonderfully written style that drives real changes in the way I view the markets and life.”

—Frank Trotter
Everbank Direct

“As a researcher, I have found Mr.Galland's work to be independent, fact-based, credible, relevant and actionable. As a writer, Galland stands alone; articulate, objective, convincing and divorced from the conflicts-of-interest and hidden agendas arguably driving mainstream economic and investment research today.

David Galland's research is clearly top echelon and appeals to a more experienced and sophisticated investor interested in the facts behind the mainstream, often politically-motivated rhetoric. I have personally and financially benefited greatly from his writing and look forward to more of the same going forward."

—Tom Mahan
Retired Executive Vice-President
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

“David Galland is one of the most amazing, impressive and intelligent persons we've ever known. We met David over 30 years ago when we worked together.

He is brilliant. And we've seen his career skyrocket since then. Anything David works on has resulted in super success and we've seen this time and time again. It never ceases to amaze us.

More important, David is filled with integrity and decency in every aspect of his life. We're proud to call him our friend.

Based on David's 100% track record on every project he has ever been involved in, we're sure his new letter will be must reads for all investors. His diligence and thorough research will be reflected in each page and it'll be filled with valuable, first rate and profitable information.

We highly recommend them. In fact, it would be a mistake not to jump on board."

—Pamela and Mary Anne Aden
The Aden Forecast