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When it comes to investing these days, it's you against the machines.

The machines always win.

We have a machine...

In one test we randomly selected 20 stocks from the S&P 500 and put them through the CIQS Model as if we had invested in them at three separate starting points: in January of 2005, 2011, and 2015. We then measured the returns using six different time periods ranging from three months to three years in length.

We found that stocks scoring above 55 on the CIQS, on average, delivered a 6.96% excess return over stocks scoring below 55 and, on average, 8.06% excess return over the S&P 500 over the same periods.

Email excerpt from senior analyst on the CIQS project

Dear Investor,

There is something new under the sun...

It's a private research service that uses a proprietary 56-phase quantitative analytical tool with amazing success in assisting our research team in identifying winning investments.

Simply, our back-testing shows that by investing in stocks with a CIQS score above 55, you would have increased your return, on average, by 8% over the returns from the broad S&P 500 index.


    Extending the results out to a 20-year period shows that $10,000 invested in a portfolio of stocks rated over 55 by the CIQS screening model would have produced a compounded annual return of 16.32%.

    With those returns, your $10,000 grows into $205,608.

    By comparison, $10,000 invested in the S&P would have grown to just $48,166.


Perhaps just as important these days, the CIQS ‘quant model’ alerts the team to investments that have dangers lurking out of the sight of average investors.

For example, one of the 56 phases in the model screens for excessive leverage, and another looks for ballooning debt payments that threaten to lay a company low or dilute shareholders in order to survive.


Compelling Investments Quantified 

As good as the CIQS Model is in helping our team navigate today’s challenging markets, it’s just one of a series of tools and processes we deploy on behalf of subscribers to our exciting new research service, Compelling Investments Quantified.

We intend never to waste a minute of your time with guesses or opinions about which investments are best positioned to beat the current markets.

Instead, with our processes and the CIQS Model, we focus on uncovering investments with a serious upside and a low likelihood of surprises.

Compelling Investments Quantified is not just another advisory service… it’s a fresh approach derived from decades of hands-on experience and designed from the ground up to offer you quantified research on the right investments, in the right sectors, and at the right time.

Our Multi-Tiered Investment Process

Working closely with Senior Researcher Jake Weber, Garret/Galland partner David Galland utilizes a series of methodologies and processes to identify compelling investments across a number of objectives—from superior capital gains to secure income.

Compelling Investments Quantified


    A network of personal and professional relationships, dating back decades. This network is an invaluable and irreproducible resource for identifying new investment ideas and checking our assumptions about virtually any investment sector, trend, or specific investment.

    Within our network are multi-billion dollar bond managers, specialists in derivatives, real estate, emerging markets, value investing, technical analysis, commodity trading, gold mining, domestic and offshore banking, options, collectibles (and likely every other investment you can name).


    Data Dashboard.  A collection of fundamental and technical research data that serves as an “early warning” network to ensure we are watching sectors and specific investments with exceptional promise or burgeoning risk.


    Proven Research.  Much of the published economic and investment research falls into the camp of “opinion” and not much more. Over the decades, we have identified research sources worthy of our attention, and we scrutinize that research for insights that you can turn into profits.

Once we identify a compelling investment, we use a three-step process to ensure it meets our stringent criteria for recommendation. 


    Every investment must be consistent with one of the Garret/Galland Core Themes—the powerful trends currently driving the markets or beginning to emerge on the horizon. If not, a detailed explanation must be provided and agreed to by the investment committee.


    Every investment must be run through the CIQS Model. This proprietary quantitative tool deploys over 56 different analytical inputs. Extensive back-testing and real world use has proven it to be remarkably effective. As a subscriber, this powerful tool is deployed for your direct benefit.


    Every investment recommendation must be approved by the investment committee, headed up by Olivier Garret and David Galland. This is our guarantee to you that the principals of our firm will always pay close personal attention to the work our analysts do and the recommendations they make.

How much value will Compelling Investments Quantified add to your portfolio?

While the partners and analysts of Garret/Galland have decades of combined experience in financial research and services, our firm is still relatively new, so no matter how completely confident we are in it, we can’t trot out years worth of a track record demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach.

Instead, we are offering you a no-risk opportunity to subscribe to Compelling Investments Quantified as an early Member with some important benefits:

  1. A 29% discount! Your subscription to Compelling Investments Quantified will cost just $249 per year… a $100 discount on the normal price.

  2. An unprecedented Six-Month Money-Back Guarantee! Take a full six months to evaluate the caliber of our research and the value of our CIQ Model as a “backstop” for our more traditional fundamental and technical analysis.

    If at any time during your Six-Month Trial—even on the very last day—you decide our research isn’t completely superior to any other service you may subscribe to (or for any reason whatsoever) just drop us an email or call us, and we will immediately refund every penny you’ve paid. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

    Our success depends entirely on how good a job we do for you.

  3. Life-Long Price Lock. You’ll continue receiving Compelling Investments Quantified at the same low price of just $249 annually for as long as you remain an active subscriber.

    That price lock-in alone could be worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars in additional savings over the years.

It is a simple proposition, but one we urge you to act on now while this is in front of you. Otherwise, procrastination is likely to set in, and you’ll head back into the uncertainties of today’s markets without the benefit of Compelling Investments Quantified at your side.

Remember, there is zero risk and big savings when you begin your Six-Month Research Trial now.

You won’t regret it—guaranteed!