Independent Accurate
Unbiased Disciplined

Our Mandate

With a Garret/Galland Premier Research service you are putting our analytical teams to work on your behalf to find undervalued and underappreciated investments.

Recommending investments for your consideration is only the beginning. After that, we carefully monitor the investments, notifying you in a timely fashion about any significant event, especially those that compel us to reconsider our recommendations.

Our research methodology and processes are highly disciplined and effective. We use a sophisticated proprietary CIQS ‘quant model’ to assure no stone is left unturned in analyzing the upside potential, or downside risk, of every recommended investment.

However, we recognize that every market is influenced by innumerable factors, each of which may change over time. Should circumstances change, we will not hesitate to reverse a recommendation promptly.

Finally, we believe in eating our own cooking. If a recommended investment fits with our investment portfolio goals, we will invest side by side with you, while always adhering to a strict policy to avoid any conflicts of interests.

We will not buy a stock in anticipation of our own recommendations and will not sell a recommended investment without first notifying subscribers, and giving them an opportunity to sell first. 

If we ever fail to meet your every expectation, you may easily cancel your Garret/Galland Research service without further obligation.

On the other hand, if your portfolio performance prospers thanks to our research, we know that you are likely to recommend us to your friends and associates.

Our interests are completely aligned, just the way they should be.

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