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David and Olivier

The decision to incorporate our surnames into the company name clearly communicates our personal pride and dedication to the research we provide clients.

Garret/Galland Research provides private investors and financial service professionals with original research on compelling investments uncovered by our team.

Using a disciplined process, finely tuned over long careers, our analysts uncover overlooked or underappreciated investments. Before any investment is recommended to clients, it must also first be analyzed using our proprietary CIQS quant model to dispassionately confirm the inherent value and the absence of significant downside risk.

Our services are provided entirely on a subscription model that perfectly aligns your interests and ours. Either we provide you with research that contributes to your investment success, or you will choose to terminate our relationship.

This is a straightforward proposition that gives our clients assurance that we will never take our relationship for granted.

Just below you will find an easy, no-risk opportunity to directly sample our work.

We look forward to proving to you there is a better way to invest.


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