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The Last Parade

By David Galland | The Passing Parade | March 31, 2017

It is with much regret that I must announce that the Parade is coming to an end. Or, more specifically, this weekly missive.

The simple reality is that the commercial side of this business, our premium research service Compelling Investment Quantified, failed to gain the traction necessary to justify the many resources and long hours required to continue.

Having launched a variety of businesses ever since my first attempt at commerce—which was selling dead baby hammerhead sharks off a roadside table outside of our house in Hawaii at eight years old (also a failed enterprise, as the increasingly smelly inventory chased off all potential buyers)—I am completely at peace with the idea that things sometimes just don’t work out.

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These 3 Charts Show Why Commercial Real Estate Is the Next ‘’Big Short’’

By Stephen McBride | Articles | March 28, 2017

A small but growing group of hedge funds are positioning themselves to profit from the collapse of the real estate market. Sounds like 2007, right? It’s actually happening right now.

But this time, hedge funds (along with Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley) aren’t targeting subprime mortgages—they’re going after commercial real estate.

It’s no secret retailers and malls have been struggling for years, but it looks like the perfect storm is set to hit them in 2017.

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