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By David Galland | The Passing Parade | October 21, 2016

This morning, I took a break from the insanity of opening Bad Brothers Wine Experience in the Argentine outback to wander over to the local hospital for a quick check-up with friend and doctor Dr. V.

While waiting for our appointment, I noticed the list of charges for various services at the hospital.

For example, the cost of a consultation with a doctor is 50. Unless you are not an Argentine citizen, in which case you will pay 100. Should your complaint involve your ticker, your consult with a cardiologist will cost you 120. Quite reasonable.

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Deutsche Bank Could Be the “Lehman Moment” of 2016

By Olivier Garret | Articles | October 17, 2016

There is a ticking time bomb in the heart of Europe. Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Europe, needs to be recapitalized. But neither the German government nor the European Central Bank (ECB) wants to fund it. This is leading to an unsafe and unstable situation. It could even trigger another global financial crisis.

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) recently levied a fine on Deutsche Bank (DB) in the amount of $14 billion. But the bank does not have the money to pay the fine.

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