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You Know You Are Suffering from a Mental Disorder When…

By David Galland | The Passing Parade | February 17, 2017

As we are hard at work on the next edition of Compelling Investments Quantified, for this week’s Parade, I am updating an article I initially wrote for my Sendero blog. While obviously biased, I think it is well worth a read.

As a bonus, I conclude with a useful list of websites that provide real news and analysis, as opposed to the political fluff that has become the standard.

With that brief introduction, and a reminder to not miss out on the opportunity to add discipline to your investment program with a no-risk trial to Compelling Investments Quantified, it’s on to the Parade…

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How to Join the P2P Lending Revolution and Earn +10% Yields

By David Galland & Stephen McBride | Articles | February 17, 2017

In 1999, I was a partner in launching one of the world’s first pure online banks. At the time, the idea was controversial to say the least.

I remember sitting in an office at the Dallas OTC while our soon-to-be ex-lawyer tried to run up his fees by scaring the stone-faced bureaucrats.

“It’s a bank, but WITHOUT PHYSICAL BRANCHES!” he intoned, raising his voice and waving his arms dramatically to underscore each point. “There’s NO BUILDING THE CUSTOMERS CAN WALK INTO to see their bankers! Are you OKAY WITH THAT?”

Amazingly, we hacked through the regulatory kudzu in the end—with the help of our new attorneys—and opened for business.

Since that time, the world has changed. Dramatically.

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